Word Cloud Accents for Your Photos

I love words, always have. I love quotations, and just label type words added to everything from walls to canisters to photos – whatever. I think words add a cool graphic element to nearly anything. That’s why I loved Matt Kloskowski’s NAPP tutorial that appeared this week on how to generate words on Wordle.net to use with your photo. Matt actually used sport oriented words to “push” a photo through, but I thought the same thing would make a cool background or texture for an image. This morning I tried Wordle.net out for the first time and here’s what I made… very simple, but fun:

If you’re a member of NAPP you can watch Matt’s tutorial on the NAPP website… and if you aren’t a member, you can join – just click on the link to the right! Or, you can just do the trial and error method – just go to Wordle.net to generate your words! (Hint – “Print” it out as a .PDF)

BTW, the above image with the words is available on iStockPhoto:

Note: You may have seen this post before on my blog “1MorePhoto” on Blogspot.com.  I am giving WordPress a try as I’ve heard it is the place for blogging, so I ported this over as my first post here.  So far, so good!


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