Since I posted last I have really been focusing on food photography and have found some great resources on the web. First, if you’d like to listen to food photography stuff when you are not actually doing said stuff, here is a great website for the aspiring food photographer with audio interviews with quite a few food photographers and even a prop stylist. Neel of is adding content every week and you are sure to pick up some tips here:

Two of my favorite blogs I discovered thanks to and also Twitter are Lara Ferroni’s and Mowielicious. Lara has some great behind the scenes shots of her setup that comforted me that I am on the right track. She shows how she uses simple things like glass bottles and tissue paper to control the light – proving that it’s not all high tech but requires finesse and patience. I love her warm images filled with earthy tones! They are a nice change from the high-key look that is so popular today. And, Mowielicious, HE takes pink to a new level! His images are light and bright and beautiful. And, he loves desserts – so of course I love his work!

Well, I’m off to the local antique store to do some more prop shopping after listening to the interview with prop stylist Paula Walters. Better get a move on – I just found out the kids are getting out two hours early because of the approaching snow storm! Have a yummy day!

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