Last iStock in Action!

When I first started this blog, I thought it would be a good place to document all the ways my iStockPhoto images were used. I started a category called “iStock in Action” and posted when I found one of my images on-line… Welllll… Google Image search has changed all that! Thanks to Google Image’s fantastic results, and maybe a small part due to my ever increasing portfolio, I cannot keep up! And, I’m sure anyone reading this blog, (is there more than one of you???) is sick of seeing them anyway. So… this will be the last entry in the “iStock in Action” category, probably…

I still occasionally search for my images on-line (and it’s a lot more fun now because I FIND more) and when I do find one I take a screen shot and document the address where I found the image. I keep a copy of the screen shots on my hard drive, and have decided to set up a Flickr Set to house them on-line. So, until further notice, if you want to see how my images were used, you can look here: iStock in Action.

And, if you create images and would like to see where they turn up, I highly recommend Google Image. Just click on the little camera icon and paste a link to your image, or drop and drag the image right to the search box. Warning: it can be addicting!

And since I can’t do a post without a photo, here is the last iStock in Action I found on-line. Actually, I didn’t find it, the woman who purchased it was kind enough to write and tell me how she used it. That was a first for me! Thanks Ysabel!


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