My First Vetta… Another Mountain Conquered

You know how sometimes you just get it in your head that you want to do something or get something?  Then, when that thing becomes elusive, you want it all the more.  Well, that’s how I was about getting an image approved as Vetta on iStockphoto recently.  I’m not sure why I wanted to have a Vetta image so badly, other than to say I had one, but I did. Mild desire quickly turned into frustrated determination. What was that secret formula???  After several rejected Vetta nominations, this evening I finally got my wish! My first Vetta image:

More Vetta Images would be nice, but never as exciting as the first. Now that I have accomplished this goal, I guess I will have to find a new mountain to climb! Tackling new challenges enables us to grow and learn. It keeps us moving forward. Don’t give up on your next mountain!


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