Bullying is Hot

When I drove my two kids and the neighbor boys up to our local elementary school to shoot some conceptual images about bullying, I never realized how successful they would be! Obviously bullying is a hot subject these days and my idea of how to portray a third grade boy being bullied conveyed the concept fairly well. In fact, today the image below earned me my second “flame” – an icon iStockphoto awards images which have been downloaded at least 100 times.

We did this quick shoot on Sunday, April 10, 2011; it was an overcast day so harsh shadows weren’t a problem. My daughter went along to hold a reflector, which didn’t really prove necessary. Instead she spent most of her time trying to corral three young boys. They were having fun being bad! The whole shoot took less than an hour, including driving to the school and then for the milkshakes afterwards. I think the boys did a pretty good job of acting out their parts considering it was the younger two’s first time modeling for me!

So, thank you Hunter, Jason and Andrew for helping me create the image that became my second flame. You are much kinder than these images portray you! And, thank you to everyone who has purchased these images and helped pay for those milkshakes! : )

If you’d like to see more of their bullying images, you can see them here: on iStockphoto.


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