Prescription Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Prescription drugs and alcohol are powerful substances which have been misused for ages, but never so publicly as in recent years with the death of celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Heith Ledger, and most recently Whitney Houston. Substance abuse is a problem that is eroding our society and is not exclusive to Hollywood stars or back alley vagrants.  I see it as an issue that needs additional attention to prevent more tragic deaths, which prompted me to do a series on this issue:

I have never acted as my own model for iStockphoto, with the exception of an occasional hand or finger.  I’m not particularly fond of seeing myself in photos, but for this series, I felt it necessary to put myself in the frame.  I wanted to include a bottle of prescription sleeping pills and glass of whiskey on a nightstand with a person unconscious on the bed, but didn’t want to ask another person to be the poster child for substance abuse, so I did it myself.  It was sort of fun being my own model and I’m fairly happy with the results.  Thankfully in my case, this was pure acting (the extent of my acting talent, by the way). The props are authentic though.

I hope these images can be useful for those who are trying to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  If you’d like to see more of my images, you can see them here: iStockphoto.


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1 Response to Prescription Drug and Alcohol Abuse

  1. Bonnie Schupp says:

    Great idea, Brycia! And so well done too!

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