First Food Friday

I’ve decided to try doing a new series of posts, hopefully every Friday, featuring one of my food images that has yet to be downloaded on iStockphoto.  Hopefully I can garner a bit of exposure for the image and also add a little backstory, a recipe, or something informative to go with my shameless pimping.

This image was perfect for this week:

Why perfect for this week? Why, because tomorrow is the day my mother always told me you should plant your spring onions, of course. I don’t know if there is some folklore attached to it or if it is just the approach of spring, but supposedly St. Patrick’s Day is the day to push your onion sets into the ground. Hmmm… I guess I better go buy some.

This image was taken at the Farmer’s Market in Olney on our first trip there. My son and enjoy sneaking out early on the weekends. We go for breakfast and then usually find someplace to explore. I often take my camera, and this was one of our Sunday morning destinations last May.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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