Early Spring

March has been unseasonably warm along the east coast, getting spring off to an early start.  This week I decided to record some of nature’s early beauty and headed off to Brookside Gardens on Monday.  Although it was a little breezy and I had no way to tame Mother Nature while there, I did get a few nice shots of early Crabapple blossoms (along with about 170 ones demonstrating “motion blur”):

And, also another flowering tree, but I forgot to check the identifying plate for this:

Then yesterday I did two of the Flowering Dogwood in our side yard. I have two other shots of this tree from last year and the year before in my iStockPhoto portfolio, so this tree is starting to look like a yearly project. I’m particularly happy with these two images, both shot with my 105mm macro (okay, Nikkor Micro) that I purchased right before Christmas. I haven’t used it too much, so I’m happy to finally let it get some exercise!

I think I’ll get away from this computer and go outside to see what else I can find! Try to do the same sometime soon… Enjoy!


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