Food Friday – Does Wine Count?

This week I wanted to highlight a project I’ve been working on which is not exactly food – but still consumable… Being a wine drinker who saves every cork, I loved an idea I had seen on Tom Grill’s Stock Shot Project blog a few months ago of photographing wine corks from different regions.

I’ve tried to add my own twist by making both horizontal and vertical images and and using a black background. After sorting through our collection of corks, I only found ones from Australia – not surprising since we lived there for four years and favor Australian reds. So, I’ve been making the rounds of the local wine shops in search of corks with geographic locations stamped on the cork but they are not that easy to find. It looks like this will turn into a long term project out of necessity.

I’m thinking these images will make nice artwork for those who have a bar or wine theme in their homes in addition to being useful to wine shops for advertising.  I am also planning to have several of the horizontal ones in the series made into a set of note cards for my own use or for gifts.

If you happen to know of any wines with corks with the region printed on, please let me know. I’m always willing to try a new wine in the name of photography!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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