Food Friday – The Cast-Iron Cornbread Story

Sometimes when I get an idea for an image, it takes a long time until I actually create it, and things don’t always turn out the way I planned. Today’s Food Friday image is one of those:

I purchased this cast iron corn-shaped pan at a community yard sale about three years ago. Although I’ve never cooked with cast iron cookware, I’m drawn to the rugged earthiness of it. The weight and thickness of cast iron extrudes a quality of by-gone years.  I wanted to create some images of cornbread baked in this pan that would echo those feelings.

Welp (as my daughter would say), I’m happy with the pictures, but the cornbread was another story! I’d used a box mix for the cornbread (you know the ones… the small blue and white boxes) and it was dry as punk. (Link provided for those my daughter’s age who might think I’m talking about eating a style of music or fashion. Not that I’ve ever eaten any kind of punk in reality.) But, is was DRY and it stuck to the pan so badly that I was only able to get one piece out whole to photograph.  But, I did manage to get some decent looking photos.  You can see the rest here.

The reason I share this story is that I sometimes wonder about all the fabulous food photos we see on food blogs and in magazines and cookbooks… they always look SO good! But, maybe some of them look better than they taste too.  Are these publications just making the average home cook feel as inadequate as the airbrushed supermodels in Seventeen magazine make a teenage girl feel?  You know that old adage… “Photos never lie” – WRONG, they do!

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  1. I enjoyed this blog, Brycia.

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