Food Friday – Good Ingredients

Good Ingredients webI love to go out to eat and try new things, but one of the advantages of cooking at home is that you know exactly what goes into your food and where it’s been. (In my teens and twenties I worked in several restaurants… do you think that steak that came face to face with the floor didn’t end up on someone’s plate afterwards???) With most being more health conscious these days, cooking at home really makes sense. Then you know what the ingredients are!

So lately, I’ve been trying to take more ingredients shots for my iStockphoto portfolio, healthy or not:

I love when cookbooks include ingredients shots… those little details make the book so much more interesting! One of my favorite cookbook series is Williams-Sonoma Food Made Fast, which includes tons of ingredients shots! I use these books for inspiration all the time!

So if you are writing a food blog or cookbook, or shooting stock, consider including some ingredients shots in your next project. You can see some of my ingredients shots on iStockphoto.

Have a healthy and happy weekend!

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