Blast from the Past

D90 42mm – f/4.8  1/100 sec. @ ISO 200

This weekend I spent some time going back through old photos on my external hard drive looking for examples of inspection rejections for an upcoming presentation I’m doing on stock photography. It sure wasn’t hard to find lots of problem images from my earlier days, but there were some good ones also.  This one above from 2010 was one of the good ones I’d never processed.  Since I have more verticals than horizontals from this shoot in my portfolio and they have some sales, I decided to give this image a new lease on life and upload it to iStockphoto.

It was fun going back through old images and processing some with what I know now about image editing.  It also made me appreciate the improvements in the software – with Adobe Camera Raw 7.3 blown highlights just disappear!  And, it made me love my D800 all the more – the files are just so much cleaner than my old D90!  Most of all, my trip back in time made me appreciate how much my kids and I have both grown, in different but positive ways. BW


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