Funny Story from a Swimmer

A former swim team member and coach of our community swim team posted a funny story on my Facebook wall today about the image below.  It was almost unbelievable so I had to share it (with his permission, of course):

Hi Brycia James Kiewlak, I have an interesting story. I was down in Ocean City, MD last Saturday morning for the OC Beach Patrol tryouts. I realized I forgot my goggles when I crossed the inlet bridge and ran into CVS to grab a pair I could use for the swim portion of test. I grabbed the first pair I saw and quickly got to the beach. The straps and bridge required no adjustments (unusual) and I had one of my best swims with the new goggles. After passing the test, I threw the goggles and it’s packaging in the back of the Jeep and drove home, only to discover yesterday, when cleaning the trash out of the back, a familiar face as the background- mine lol. Thought you would enjoy this funny story and want to congratulate you on your great shot! 


Here’s the photo Colin took of the packaging:

1184821_10151862973847059_1926366960_nThanks so much for sharing this Colin!!!  You never know where you will turn up when you are model for stock photography!  I’m glad these goggles were the perfect fit!



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