Food Friday – Pasta Salad

Rotini Pasta Salad with SpinachAs cold as it is in the northeast today, I can’t say that pasta salad is the perfect food to share right now… But, I did a shoot of this salad for a magazine recently, so I thought I’d share the images anyway. Pasta salad is one of those things I don’t think you need to stick to a recipe for. Usually the more yummy stuff you throw in the better it tastes. This recipe called for rotini, cucumber, tomato, spring onions (definitely isn’t spring here!) and spinach with an Italian vinegarette. I jazzed it up a bit after the shoot with some Feta cheese – Feta makes anything better – right?

If you need any images of pasta salad, these can be purchased by clicking any of the images in this post.

Have a great weekend and keep warm!

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1 Response to Food Friday – Pasta Salad

  1. True, it’s absolutely freezing outside. But this meal still looks pretty comforting for when your stuck inside! Yum! X

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