A Look Back at My First Nikon

Close-up of a Vintage Film Camera Held by a Woman

My first Nikon wasn’t really mine… it was my Dad’s.  He got it my senior year in high school and allowed me to play with it from time to time.  Happily, he never got rid of it and now I have it displayed proudly on a shelf (although it still works fine).  Although my dad obviously had an interest in photography, no one would ever consider him “a photographer” – he was a land surveyor and always will be, first and foremost.  But, he did have an interest in the technical gadgets of the day, having one of the first HP programmable calculators, early EDM (Electronic Distance Measuring) equipment, two Apple //c computers and this Nikon FE.  All of which he used in his surveying business that he ran for 53 years.  I guess I have Dad to thank for my love of technology!

At the end of January my daughter offered her modeling services… a rare occurrence these days.  She got in for a bit more than she bargained for with this shoot that ended up being a retro-look photography shoot, but she was a good sport.  I’m really happy with the photos we made, especially since they immortalize my Dad’s old Nikon and also a leather jacket he gave me twenty years ago, right after my Mom died.  All were shot with my Nikon D800 and 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor lens – the modern versions of what appear in the photos.  I hope you like them!

And, here’s a photo of Dad at his favorite hangout post-retirement:

2013-04-27 10.14.46 webTaken April 27th. 2013.

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