New Series – Vintage Travel

Old Fashioned Suitcase on a Bed with Passports

As a stock photographer, some days just a few simple things can start the creativity to flow and cause you to become immersed.  Those are the days you love, the days you can get lost in your craft.  The days when simple brings you happiness are the best!

A week ago last Saturday was one of those days for me.  I had purchased an old suitcase at a local antique store a few months ago to use as a photo prop, but hadn’t used it yet.  My original idea was to use it for a senior portrait of my daughter- the suitcase, going off to college concept.  But, the light was so soft coming in our windows this particular winter Saturday afternoon, that I hated to waste the great light and peaceful time alone at home.  I grabbed the suitcase and a few of our passports and went to work.  Turning the suitcase and the passports this way and that while my camera sat clicking away on its’ tripod entertained me for at least an hour!  It made me happy! I hope you like the results!

Old Fashioned Suitcase on a Bed with Passports


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