Philadelphia Flower Show Photos

20140306_0033 web copy

This Thursday I attended the Philadelphia Flower Show.  It is amazing to see the masses of flowers and plants of all varieties assembled in the indoor gardens created on the second floor of the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.   I can’t imagine all the work involved to transform this immense space into a gardener’s play land.

20140306_0037 webI first went to the flower show about five years ago… it was something my mother always enjoyed doing and I wanted to see what it was like.  I also thought it would be a good place to take photos, but that part is a mixed bag.  The flowers are beautiful and make wonderful subjects, but the lighting is harsh in most spots and the crowds and other displays make the backgrounds busy.  So, as much as I encourage everyone who has any appreciation for plant life to go at least once, the serious photographers might be disappointed if making images is the primary goal.

20140306_0099 web Color Diptych webThere certainly is lots of color to enjoy!  And, there are many interesting ways the plants and flowers are displayed.  Orbs seemed very popular this year, the one below was one of the most interesting.

20140306_0055 web

Here’s another orb:

20140306_0065 web

This year they also had aerial performers:

20140306_0045 web

After your feet start to hurt, you can always sit in on a class.  I attended this one entitled Healthy Living with Plants, which focused on more natural things to use in our lives and homes.

20140306_0104 web

And, of course, there was plenty to satisfy that great American pastime, shopping.  I came home with some wonderful smelling natural soaps, but there was plenty more I would have gotten if I didn’t have to haul it home on a bus!

20140306_0091 web

20140306_0094 web

If you are interested in going, the show is in full swing through the weekend.  Information can be found here:


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