Annapolis Reflections in Black and White

20140427_0016 web

This morning when I woke, the sun was shining through the window (I like the blinds open so I know the moment I open my eyes.)  It was a beautiful spring morning!  I quickly decided not to waste my life in bed and hopped out to set out on a photo adventure with my new toy, a Fujifilm X-T1.  What better place to go on a beautiful Sunday morning, but Annapolis!  (The downtown parking is free until noon on Sundays – even better!)

20140427_0008 web

After a quick breakfast at Starbucks at the city dock, I started out by shooting reflections There was a sailboat show this weekend, so Ego Alley was packed with boats.  The bright sun and cloudless sky made the light dance off the water.  I processed the images as black and white in Lightroom to draw attention to the light and dark of the reflections.

20140427_0001 web

20140427_0005 web

20140427_0010 web

After my walk around city dock, I took a few shots of architectural details in town.  I realized I’ve taken quite a few images of doors in Annapolis… I think I might have a project starting here – Annapolis Doors!

20140427_0023 web 20140427_0024 web

All images were shot with the Fujifilm X-T1. and the 55-200mm lens.

I hope you had an enjoyable Sunday as well!


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One Response to Annapolis Reflections in Black and White

  1. Beautiful day to be in Annapolis! Nice images too!

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