New Series – Female Executive at Work


Business Woman Working at a Conference Table with a Tablet Compu

Last week I got to take some photos of my successful and attractive friend, Jenn.  Jenn is a CPA and has her own accounting business (and an office with lots of great windows!)  We’ve talked about doing some photos in her office for several years but life gets in the way and, well, you know…   I’m glad we finally took the time last Monday!

20140505_0030 web

Jenn’s assistant, Kim, was kind enough to lend a hand (and an arm) in a few of the photos so that we could have some interaction between two people in the office/meeting environment.  I thank her for that!  And, I thank Jenn for allowing me to interrupt her day to take these images.  (Not sure if she is open for any future modeling gigs…) Hopefully the images will be mutually beneficial though!

Female Executive Handing a Folder to Her AssistantIf you are in Maryland and need an accountant, you can find Jenn at Accounting Unlimited in Crofton. She’s always given me good advice!  You may even see some of these images on her website soon!

20140505_0048 web

And, if you need any stock images like these or any other, Wednesday, May 14th. is a great day to download them from iStock!  iStock will be paying 100% of all royalites for the day to their exclusive contributors.  This is a great way for iStock and the customer to thank the contributors for doing what they do!  You can find my stock images at:

For the photo geeks in the crowd, all the above images were shot with the Fujifilm X-T1 and the 56mm f/1.2 lens, wide open. By using these links to purchase, you help support this blog.  Thanks!



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