Food Friday – Cherries in a Blue Bowl

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Most fruit photographs exceptionally well.  The color and unique form of fresh produce is interesting and often luscious if nicely lit.  Cherries are particularly beautiful through the lens.  I’ve seen so many gorgeous photos of them, but had never photographed them myself, so I decided to change that this week.

I often get inspired to do a photo shoot after a trip to one of the local thrift stores.  Wednesday’s trip netted me the blue bowl in the above image; it just kept calling out to me!  : )  I love the rustic dark food images that are popular right now, so I set out to create some with my new blue bowl filled with some rich red glossy cherries.  I added an old hand carved clock that has been in my family for years in the background to give the image more warmth, depth and texture.

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You can see the antique clock in the setup shot below:

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I thought it might be interesting to document more of what I use to shoot a series of images, plus I have been asked to do presentations on both stock and food photography, so I need to start documenting setups and equipment for those.  The cherry images were all shot in my dining room since I wanted to use the dark blue wall in the background.  I chose my Nikkor 105 mm macro on my D800 for these. I love both the 60 mm and the 105 mm for food photography; there is nothing that frustrates me more than moving in for a close-up frame only to find I am too close to focus with a non-macro lens.

2014-06-19 12.49.08 web logo-2As you can see from the back of my camera, I shoot food in manual exposure and almost always on a tripod.  I use manual focus using live view and of course always shoot in RAW.   I like shooting this way with everything constant since I shoot alone without the benefit of an assistant or stylist.  It allows me to tweak the placement of each element without anything else changing.  Also, using a tripod allows me to shoot in low light at low ISO to get the maximum quality image.  To aid this further, I use an inexpensive wireless remote for my camera that I purchased on Amazon.  This allows me to hold a reflector or scrim in a different location while firing the shutter, avoiding necessitating more stands in my sometimes tight setup locations.  Oh how I love anything wireless!

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If you need photos of cherries for your blog or other publication, you can license these and more at by clicking on the images above.

Note: If you choose to purchase any of the gear  recommended here, using the links provided helps support this blog.  Thank you!

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