Book Review and Giveaway – Grow a Living Wall

The first green of spring has started bursting out of the ground, reminding me it is time to start thinking about planting. I always like to grow my own herbs for cooking and to include in my food photography. Homegrown herbs always look so much fresher than the grocery store variety. I normally grow my herbs in pots on the deck since our yard is never chemical free. This year I may try going vertical after taking a look at a new book “Grow a Living Wall – Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose” by Shawna Coronado.

2015-03-30 13.19.46 web logo This book is filled with lots of great ideas on how to increase your gardening real estate by going vertical. Part I starts out with the basics to consider: what type of wall is best for you, recommended tools, techniques for watering vertical gardens, soil and plants that work best, etc. Part II is filled with suggestions of themed gardens such as Herbal Cocktail Garden, Vegetable Balconies Garden, Fern Garden, Therapeutic Hanging Garden and more. This part is filled with lots of great photos to inspire you. It includes vertical gardens made with pre-made systems and lots of DIY options with instructions too!

2015-03-30 13.27.54 web logo

I haven’t decided which ideas I am going to use yet, but this book definitely has me thinking that I can add more crops without taking up more floor space on my deck! Shawna claims that vertical gardens can even help insulate your house from summer heat, which would be an welcome secondary benefit! Gardening helps you eat healthier, cheaper and now can save you a few pennies on your electric bill too! Gotta love that!


2015-03-30 13.28.48 web logo

I received my review copy of this book from the publisher who was kind enough to send me an extra copy to give away! You can win a free copy by leaving a comment below – try sharing your favorite gardening tip or thing to grow. I will pick a random comment on April 8th to receive the free copy of “Grow a Living Wall.”




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3 Responses to Book Review and Giveaway – Grow a Living Wall

  1. susaie Q says:

    The beautiful pictures are a great tease! Makes me want to check out the book and Vertical Gardening. Old age is creeping in and I won’t have to bend over so much.

  2. LaNae says:

    How fun! I, too, grow herbs in pots every year. The last couple of years my husband and I have tried our hand at growing potatoes. First year we grew them in a big garbage can with mixed results. Last year he actually build a wooden bin…better results, but not great. We’ve not decided how we’re going to approach the challenge this year. 🙂

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