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Food Friday – Orange Abundance

What do you do with two dozen oranges? If you are a photographer, you probably take some photos of them before anything else! You can’t just EAT them! This week my neighbor, a sweet little Asian lady, brought a box of navel … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – Ellen Backlit

I read one time that Ansel Adams had an exhibit of his work once where he didn’t sell anything; he later went back and reprocessed the images lighter and then they sold. If a great photographer like Ansel Adams reexamined … Continue reading

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Free Image of the Week from iStock

iStock’s Free Image of the Week is a beautiful snowy portrait of a woman by Chris Gramly and is so appropriate for the weather we have been having in the northeast lately, I thought I’d share it! Enjoy!

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A Look Back at My First Nikon

My first Nikon wasn’t really mine… it was my Dad’s.  He got it my senior year in high school and allowed me to play with it from time to time.  Happily, he never got rid of it and now I … Continue reading

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Discovering Lightroom 5 & Book Review

I first played with Lightroom during the free public beta of Lightroom 4; I didn’t see why I needed it at the time. When I was handed Lightroom 5 (along with the rest of Adobe CC) for free last September … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Photography Gear and Lighting for the New Stock Photographer…

I met with a new iStockphoto photographer this weekend; we had much to talk about.  Some of our discussion was iStock specific, but as is the norm when two photographers get together, the subject of gear came up often.  For … Continue reading

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Free Photo of the Week from iStockphoto

Not only is iStockphoto the best place to get stock imagery, they give images away for free every week! This week you can get the “Open” sign by Rüstem GÜRLER above for free by clicking here: http://www.istockphoto.com

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On Inspiration (or how my mind wanders…)

What inspires you? As a photographer, especially a stock photographer, I am always in search of inspiration. For that matter, any creative person continually seeks inspiration. Barbara Grizzuti Harrison said “There are no original ideas. There are only original people.” … Continue reading

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