Time to be Thankful

November is the month to be thankful it seems.  It is the month of Thanksgiving after all, and lately I’ve seen all these daily posts on Facebook about what people are thankful for.  I’m not the best about stuff like that… doing things daily… I rarely even remember to take my multi-vitamin daily.  And, as for being thankful, I do that all year long, but when it occurs to me, not when it is forced.

Today, with the approval of the image below, it occurred to me how lucky I am.

I have a daughter who is very supportive of my photography passion and makes a pretty darn good model too! Sure, she gets tired of hearing about iStock this or iStock that, but she has always been my biggest cheerleader and I am so thankful for her support. These days she is very busy and working very hard in high school and maybe not always as eager to model for me as she once was, but when she does, I usually get some great shots. Both my children have modeled for me many times and are quite supportive, but my daughter has definitely been my greatest advocate.

So… Thank you, Honey!

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