The People We Meet

Last night I attended our monthly Creative Exposures Baltimore meeting. It was the night of our photo competition and I had lined up one of the judges for the competition, Lynford Morton. As I was introducing Lyn to a friend of mine, I explained how I had met Lyn years ago in the early days of his Meetup group Shutterbug Excursions. It was at my first Shutterbugs Excursions Meetup that I had learned of stock photography. I didn’t even know that such thing existed! Before making that introduction, I had never considered how Lyn had impacted my life. Not that he had done anything that profound to change the course of my life, but without Lyn creating the Meetup group that I attended, I may never have started down the road of stock photography.

Shooting stock has been a great experience for me. My earnings from
have enabled me to buy more expensive camera and computer gear than I probably really need. More importantly, thanks to iStockphoto, I have met many talented photographers from all over the world who I have learned from and became friends with. There is Anna from Moscow, Andrea in Portland, Rob from New Hampshire, Karen in Minnesota, Nicole who bounces around like a SuperBall and many others. And then there is Bonnie. I met Bonnie in my early days at iStockphoto after I discovered that she only lived 20 minutes from me. Bonnie and her husband, David, have enriched my life greatly. Thanks to them I now know Baltimore much more intimately. Bonnie has opened my eyes to many things, photographically and otherwise. She had also introduced me to the Creative Exposures Baltimore group for which I now serve on the steering committee. And so last night it came full circle in a way, as Lyn judged for a competition that I might not otherwise be involved in, had I not made his acquaintance years before.

I suppose there is nothing terribly unusual about this interconnection, it’s just that last night I came to the realization of how one acquaintance has affected my life substantially. Even casual acquaintances can have a big impact on our lives further down the road. Although I am quite certainly an introvert, I realize now more than ever how important it is to get out and meet people with similar interests. is a great way to find like-minded people whether you are into cooking, cameras or cars. Take the time to get out there and meet them. You never know how it’s going to change your life and you will certainly have some fun!

Lyn Morton

Lyn Morton

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  1. Good blog, Brycia. It is interesting how interwoven our lives are and if you are open to these serendipitous connections, then you become part of the fabric of a rich community.

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