Valentine’s Day Creations

This year I wanted to add a few non-food Valentine’s Day images to my portfolio. In the past I’ve made Valentine cookies and chocolates and even photographed a heart shaped lollipop, but I had nothing that wasn’t edible. So, I turned to one of my other loves, paper crafting to create some original Valentine imagery. I used sparkly “fun foam” and card stock to make a heart accent for this year’s additions:

I’ve always loved these images with an anonymous someone holding something out to the camera, so I finally made one! I think I’ll be doing more of these… I like the simplicity of the composition and the mystery of the nondescript presenter. There are just so many possibilities, even if the composition is a bit cliche. It is still a fun and useful image.

I really put my scrapbooking supplies to use on this background image, and was happy to see it sell within the first few days on iStockPhoto:

So, this year, I followed that often given advice to shoot what you know and love. I hope you like the results! You can see all of my Valentine images on iStockphoto.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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