Today Was a Good Day (On Inspiration II)

Last week I did a post on how I sometimes get inspired, starting with seeing and appreciating something right around me and bouncing from there to other things. Now I’m starting to realize that it is important for me to seize that moment of inspiration and act on it rather than always storing that idea away for later execution. (Sorry Evernote.) Maybe when an idea occurs to us is when we are at our most creative.

Today was a good day, and one like the “Day of the Chives” where I grabbed my camera and was shooting the idea in less than an hour of it popping into my cerebral cortex. This time my inspiration came while eating breakfast and reading email. This time, it was simply an image of a baseball in a Groupon email that set my mind into motion…

After finishing breakfast, I grabbed my camera, a tennis racket and a tennis ball (that our dog Nikki plays with) and set off to the community tennis courts. As I had hoped, the courts were deserted at 8:30 on a Monday morning. Mother Nature cooperated by hiding the sun behind a cloud most of the time, giving me more defused light. Fifteen minutes later I was on my way home and had two images uploaded by noon. The iStock inspectors must have had a slow day because those two images are now part of my portfolio.

To top off my inspired morning and the short inspection queue, I had my best Extended License sale this evening! Today was a good day! (Okay, technically yesterday since I’m up after midnight.)

I hope your day is a good one too!

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