I’m Going to Adobe MAX!!!

Afflt_Max2014Bnr_300x250_r1It has been a busy summer for me with family and friends.  Most of it has been good, but anyone who knows me knows that there have been some sad and trying times as well.  In either case, I feel like I’ve been distracted and have been neglecting my photography.  I am so happy for fall and really hoping to get back at it.  Adding to that excitement now is a trip to California next month to do some sightseeing and attend Adobe MAX!  This was a very spur of the moment trip, but I’m grabbing an offer that was extended to me that I can’t pass up!   I look forward to meeting people in real life that I’ve known on-line, seeing parts of California I’ve never been to and getting inspired by the best of the best at Adobe MAX.

Life is short!  Grab every opportunity that comes your way!  As Robin Williams stressed in Dead Poet’s Society “Carpe Diem!” I’m sure I won’t regret seizing this one!

To learn more about Adobe MAX, click here.


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